6 glass icicle decorations, clear glass, design zig zags back nd forward long the length of the icicle.
6 glass icicle decorations, clear glass, high twist design which spirals along the length of the icicle.
6 glass icicle decorations, clear glass, design twists then leaves areas of plain glass along the length of the icicle.
black felt protective pouch with top of three icicles showing
gift card with messgae, Bobbie and J
information card for icicles
large metal tin for icicles
small metal tin for icicles
inside of tin with postcard and icicles in felt pouch

Large glass icicle decorations


  • lampwork glass icicles
  • 15cm / 6 in long
  • stunning sun catchers for year round enjoyment
  • beautiful winter holiday decorations
  • supplied in a giftable metal tin
  • handmade in our Yorkshire studio
  • ready to post


Stunning lampwork glass icicles to brighten your Christmas, holiday and winter decorating. Glass catches the light and these icicles will add sparkle to any room or setting. Our medium icicles come in an attractive metal box, so they’re ready to give as gifts.

Pick your favourite design or choose a mixture and receive equal numbers of all three icicle styles.

  • high twist design where twists work their way tightly along the length of the icicle.
  • twisty design where the twists are split with areas of untwisted glass for extra reflective sparkle.
  • zig zag design where the twists work back and forward along the length of the icicle.

The icicles are made from borosilicate glass. Borosilicate glass is strong and durable. It’s used for kitchen dishes and scientific glassware.

Each icicle is individually made by hand in our Yorkshire studio. This means that every icicle will be slightly different, adding to their charm.

Each icicle is made by melting borosilicate glass rod at temperatures of around approximately 1250°C (2300°F).  Icicles are then annealed in a digitally controlled kiln to ensure that any stress that is introduced while the icicle is being made is removed. Stress occurs during making because of the high temperatures needed to melt the glass, and annealing the glass makes sure the icicle is strong.

Each icicle is approximately 15cm (6in)  long. Icicles are strung with silver linen thread so they are ready to hang as soon as they’re unpacked.

To ensure that your icicles reach you in perfect condition they’ll come in a felt pouch and metal presentation box. This makes sure that the icicles can’t bang against each other during transit and makes it easy to store them safely for next year. We’ve now posted more than 500 of these sets and every one has arrived in perfect condition. We’ve also sold a lot of these to customers who bought one as a gift then decided they’d like a set too.

You’ll receive a postcard with information about your icicles – and if you’d like to send these as a gift we’re happy to add a gift card and omit the invoice.

Sets of 3 and 6 icicles come in a shallow tin which measures 16.9cm by 13cm by 1.8cm (6.6in by 5.2in by 0.7in). Once packed this will easily fit through letterboxes, making it an ideal gift to post.

Sets of 12  icicles come in a larger tin which measure 16.9cm by 13cm by 5.7cm. (6.6in by 5.2in by 2.2).

Prices include UK postage.

If you’d like to send icicles to several people just leave a note on your order to say this and we’ll contact you to ask for names, addresses and your message for the gift card.

These sets are ready to post.


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set of 3, set of 6, set of 12

which icicles?

high twist, twisty, zig zag, mixed


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