about us

Bobbie and JOy look at the camera in a slightly bemused manner


We got together back in 2003, and we’ve lived and work together for most of that time. One of the delights of working with your partner is that you get to talk about work a lot, and that leads to lots of possibilities. We had lots of great ideas which weren’t a perfect fit for our existing business (The Knitting Goddess), so Bobbie & Joy was born.

We’re both passionate about beautiful, simple design. We care about where our materials come from, and you’ll find that information in all of our product listings.

We want to make things which become treasured possessions. So whether it’s a notebook, jewellery, a bag or scarf or print we hope you’ll find something that you love.

We make the things we sell. That gives us the luxury of being able to source the best materials for the job and to make small batches of things. We’ll never be about mass production as that doesn’t suit the way we do things. We’re about the joy of hand crafted items and the pleasure those bring.