environmental policy

Sustainability is one of the things which matters most to our business.

Putting that into practise happens all across the business.

You can find out more about the materials we use on our Materials We Use page.

We use paper packaging for the majority of our orders. While biodegradable plastic is becoming more available much of it still breaks down into microplastics, so the problem is less visible rather than solved. Many of the compostable plastics need industrial composting. Paper packing isn’t perfect as it still uses energy to make. However it’s easy to reuse and recycle, so it’s the best choice for us until something better is available.  Where orders need extra protection we’ll reuse bubble wrap or padded envelopes.

We won’t automatically use tissue paper to wrap your order– it’s pretty but unnecessary. If you’re buying a present and would like it wrapped in tissue pop a note on your order and we’ll do that with pleasure. Have a look at our sending a gift page for more information.