Pantone have declare that the colour of the year is Peri. That makes me think of the golds and yellows of spices rather than of purple. I’m guessing the peri is from periwinkle, which I’d class as a blue. Anyway, it’s likely there will be lots of purple about in 2022.

assorted purple glass rods laid flat

The first thing I realised when I snapped this photo the the purple and pink glass rods I own is that taking quick photos under warm lights doesn’t do these colours any favours. There are some beautiful purples in that pile of rods but you’d never know.

purple glass heart necklace with silver chain

We’ll be adding lots of purple glass to the shop over the next few weeks, and we’re starting with a purple heart bead on a sterling silver chain.

mannequin wearing a denim jacket and purple glass heart necklace.

We spent a fair bit of time looking at chin lengths before settling on 18 inches (or 45cm). Showing the necklace on the mannequin lets you see the scale (and also reminds me that I need to darn in that thread on the collar)

purple glass heart necklace with Bobbie and Joy logo on tin

These necklaces will come in a little tin – perfect for keeping them safe. It also makes the necklaces easy to post and they’ll easily fit through letterboxes. As always we’re happy to post straight to your recipient and add a note – just give us the details and we’ll take care of it.

close up of purple glass lampwork heart on a silver chain side view

Yes this would be perfect for Valentine’s Day (or Mother’s Day if you’re getting very organised). It’s the little pop of colour you’ll enjoy wearing every day.